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Mind me, these are a few notes for my own good self, not a bible, feel free to disagree, I won't be offended.

Era 1

DO NOT buy the starter package until Engine House level 6 has been purchased.

Starter package and era package are mutually exclusive, which means you can only buy one of them and the other will become unavailable. It is not possible to jump from 5 to 7, build to 6 and then get 7 for free.

The priority in every era should always be for Engine House first, trains are the biggest source of income and the number should be pushed as soon as possible.

Secondary we have the trio of passive incomes (Restaurant, Shopping Centre, Hotel) and the Station Concourse, as passengers are a solid source of income. Past era 1 would be smart to connect multiple cities so that the outbound travel is not always brought to the same one, pushing it, as well as giving the option to chose the most remunerative route of the moment.

The passive trio needs to be pushed asap as it makes a lot of difference in the long run.

Licence trade should be pushed to 3 as soon as passengers are unlocked to allow a passenger licence and 2 goods.

Bank as required.

Construction Yard when possible in era 1, subsequently push it as the building times go up a lot and it comes really useful.