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Mind me, these are a few notes for my own good self, not a bible, feel free to disagree, I won't be offended.

Era 1

DO NOT buy the starter package until Engine House level 6 has been purchased.

Starter package and era package are mutually exclusive, which means you can only buy one of them and the other will become unavailable. It is not possible to jump from 5 to 7, build to 6 and then get 7 for free.

Do not redeem any medals, do tasks for the money, avoid prestige if possible, keep prestige income as low as possible to maximise the bonus from the Start package, when is bought you need to have the engine house at level 6 and laboratory and bank as high as possible to get gifted more expensive buildings from the package. Don't use all tickets, you're below 1000 prestige and you can't win engine, use the odd one to get some precious cash.

Fuck prestige, completely ignore it in the first few days, it's all about making money, get in the cash, change routes every hour, make the money wherever they are, then use them all to boost the restaurant as high as possible, while giving the odd touch to what's required about. Drop some in bank to avoid capping and construction yard, the time bonus becomes precious when stuff take 7/8 hours to build.