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'''March 9, 2018'''<br>
'''March 9, 2018'''<br>
[[Era_2_Engines|Era 2 Engines]] page added.
[[Era_2_Engines|Era 2 Engines]] page added.<br>
[[Strategy|Strategy]] page added.
[[Strategy|Strategy]] page added.

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Stubaski's Wiki for Rail Nation.

I have decided to start my very own Rail Nation guide as I have found disturbing the lack of information on other sites. Every site I have visited explores more or less the same stuff and doesn't really delve into deeper bits and pieces which have always made me curious; silly example, I couldn't find a site that explains how repairs are calculated, is driving me nuts.

This Wiki is VERY much work in progress, at the current stage I am more interested in exploring the capabilities of a Wiki site itself and there is no content, it will come in due time.

March 9, 2018
Era 2 Engines page added.
Strategy page added.

Here I analyse the best engines for Era 2.
Might take a bit before I work on anything else, flying away for 2 weeks.

March 7, 2018
Required Goods Classic page added

List of Required Goods per level. Useful to buy licenses in advance.

February 26, 2018
Era 1 Engines page added.

Here I analyse the best engines for Era 1.

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